Derwentside Trust Community Training Centre provides a  friendly meeting place for our local community.

Whether your are dropping in for a cup of tea, attending one of our many groups or activities or perhaps you wish to hire a room for an important function.  Our volunteers are always available to ensure you a warm, professional service.

So, feel free to come along and participate in activities, learn new skills, or just for a friendly chat.  Whatever your reason we’ll look forward to welcoming you.


Derwentside Trust is a registered charity formed in November 2014 and is ran by volunteers.Our charity status commenced in January 2015.

With I.T. access for everyone, various community projects including arts and crafts, learning difficulty and disability groups, Women’s Cree to name but a few.  Learning and Training opportunities,  Employment skills development, Volunteering and support groups there is sure to be a service you may may useful.

As a Trust, we aim to provide a “one stop community service” that will bring together a range of voluntary, community and public sector organisations delivering health, support and advice services to the local community.  Providing people with access to a wide range of seamless services in our building with no stigma attached.  We pride ourselves on having a community building that offers a varied range of activities that promote healthy living, team building, reducing social isolation, employment opportunities as well as a place to meet people and be involved in community based activity.